What do “remember my payment details” and “bundle my charges” mean?

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  • What do "remember my payment details" and "bundle my charges" mean?

When purchasing an article or subscription, or sending a donation, you can choose to allow Katalysis to save your payment details by ticking a box (as shown below).

Remember my payment details for the future

This means that the next articles or subscriptions you’d like to purchase, or donations you’d like to send, are not going to require this entire payment process again. Instead, you can gain access within a click.

We store your payment details securely on our system, and only use these details once a month to charge you automatically. This way, you can carefully choose what content you’d like to buy and access, while you don’t have to think about payment each time.

Bundle my charges at the end of the month

Instead of charging you each time you purchase or send something on your wallet, we bundle all your costs at the end of the month. This way, it takes much less time to consume what you’d like to.

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