What differentiates FeatherPay from other systems?

Although we are an all-in-one software that enables your readers to contribute to you while allowing your platform to continue its best practices, our mission goes further than that:

• Your readers don’t need to make a new account with every site they consume from. Each platform that uses FeatherPay is accessible with 1 account.

• Any article that you publish (while using FeatherPay) gets registered on our system with a timestamp, storing the ownership of your content.

• Other platforms who also use FeatherPay can re-publish your articles and adequately pay you when read. You set your own rules for this!

Why is this important? Because of changes in EU Copyright Regulation (Articles 15 & 17) and GDPR, content platforms have to place high priority on storing their ownership of content, protecting themselves against copyright infringement and managing their consumer data.

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