Set up FeatherPay

This will show you how to quickly get FeatherPay up-and-running so your readers can access your premium content.

To get your articles behind the FeatherPay wallet, it only takes a quick set-up to customise how you want your wallet to work for you and appear for readers

1. Open FeatherPay in the left panel, and please read & accept the Terms & Conditions.

2. Select “Enable donations on posts without price” if you want your readers to be allowed to donate to you under articles you’ve published for free. If you leave this unchecked, you will not be able to receive donations.

3. Enter your email address (note: we will store this as a communication end in regards to your bank details, cash-outs and article statistics).

4. Fill in the “editor default share“, which is your share (%) of each payment made towards purchasing your content by your readers (this should be entered as 100% if you are the only owner of your articles).

5. Set your “default post price“, which means that every article you publish that you want readers to pay for will be set at a default price. Next, you can fill the number of paragraphs to show by default as a teaser before your readers pay for your article. If you want to change these settings for a selected article, this can be done in the article’s editorial setting. 

6. Fill in the wallet customization settings to adjust the color and welcome message of the wallet that shows the reader how to purchase the article. All you need to do here is to replace the text after the “= ”. For example:
– Change the color: ” color-primary= FF0000 “
– Change the welcome header: ” welcome-message-header= Welcome! “
– Change the welcome message: ” welcome-message-text= We like to create quality content, so we offer this article for a small contribution so that we can continue to do this. You can also become a member and read all of our articles.

7. Don’t forget to press Save!

FeatherPay should be all set up now! 

Next, you can set up how you want readers to purchase your content by following the respective links:

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