Plugin for Donations, Pay-per-Article and Subscriptions

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In this article we briefly describe how donations, pay-per-article and subscriptions work together in the Feather plugin.


Donations is enabled by default when you publish articles for € 0. This means that under every article you publish for free, the donation wallet appears. You can turn this off by going to your administration panel and clicking the box to turn it off.

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If you specify the price (as well as the number of teaser paragraphs) in the “Feather by Katalysis options” panel before you press ‘Publish’, this article will be placed under the pay-per-article button. This means that the item can be sold individually.

If you have also specified subscriptions (see below) and your reader has purchased this subscription, this article will automatically fall under your subscription plan.

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In the Feather administration panel, you can specify different subscription plans. In other words, you can offer a subscription for e.g. a month for € 5, or half a year for    € 30, for example. If you switch this on and the reader buys a subscription from you, they can read all articles within the period in which they purchased the subscription. Therefore, you cannot sell articles individually to these readers. These articles are covered by the subscription.

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👉 Recap: Donations, Pay-per-Article and Subscriptions
All articles for which you have set the price at € 0.- do NOT fall under pay-per-article and also NOT under Subscriptions, but under donations (you can turn this off in your admin panel). All items specified with a price can be sold individually AND in a subscription when you have specified the subscription plans. If you have not specified subscriptions, this item therefore falls under pay-per-item solely.

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