How to subscribe to articles

To subscribe to an author, you’ll first have to log in or sign up to Feather in your wallet.

Next, click the avatar 👤 on the right of the wallet. In the drop-down menu, select “Subscribe”.

You will then be given a selection of subscription options that you can choose from. It will look something like this:

Then comes the payment: [Q: are they given a selection of what they want to do? Or does the direct deduction take place automatically if enough credit?]

• If you have enough credit in your Feather wallet, it will deduct the subscription amount directly from your credit. [Q: do they come to a confirmation page before they purchase?

•If you do not have enough credit in your Feather wallet, you will be re-directed to upload credit onto your wallet. [Q: do they receive the option to top-up to that specific amount e.g. user has 4e but subscription costs 21e, 17e is the first option?]

Once you have completed the purchase of your article, you will arrive to this page in your wallet.

You now have unlimited access to read articles on the platform you purchased your subscription on.

Happy reading!

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