How to Setup Pay-per-Article

In this article we dive into how to setup the Pay-per-Article feature in your content. 

With Feather, you can publish premium content that is accessible only by paying audiences. With our pay-per-read functionality, audiences can purchase articles one-by-one (aka a-la-carte)! The article is first covered by the Feather paywall, where users can access the full article once they complete the purchase.

If you would like to publish your article behind the Feather paywall, follow these steps:

1. Add a new post and write your article just as you’re used to.

2. Enter your preferred price in euros. Please note: do not forget the comma or period when setting your price if you would like to indicate a price in cents. For instance 0,50 and 0.50 represent 50 cents, 050 will mean your price is 50 euros.

💡PRO TIP: You can also set up a default price for all articles to be published if you like. Go to Feather > Feather in your admin panel and adjust the default post price. 

3. Keep or change the number of paragraphs to show before the reader pays for your article. Please note: if you’d like to keep the same number of paragraphs for each article published in the future, you can change the default settings as described above.

4. Make sure to leave the “Enable donations” box unticked, as this will not paywall your content and instead display the option to donate. Read our article to understand how to set up donations.

5. Press ‘Publish’ and your article is now published on your website!

The published article can be consumed for the price you’ve set. If you’re interested in learning about how this process would work, you can read this blog post where we explain step-by-step the consumer flow.

💡PROTIP: From text to colour, read our article on how to customise your wallet to your preference.

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