How to setup a Donation page

With FeatherPay, you can receive donations via a website page! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to set this page up.

First, you’ll need to make a designated website page for readers to donate. By going to your wp-admin and clicking “Pages”, you can do this by selecting “Add New”.

After creating (and designing) your page, you’ll want to show the options for readers to donate. To do this, click “Feather” in the bar on the left-hand-side and copy the body of code under “Embedded Donations HTML”. You can see an example in the image below.

Next, you can head back to editing the page you first created. On the upper-right side above the editor, click “Text”. If there is code here already, spot where you’d like options to donate to display in your page. Then, paste this code where suitable. For example, pasting this code on top of all the existing code will show the donations on top of the page. The image below serves as an example.

Press “Update” or “Publish on the top-right of the page, and you are good to go! Your readers can now send donations via this page. Hence we suggest to make a button linking to this page clearly displayed on your website in order for all your readers to see it.

👆 Note: if you’d like readers to be able to both subscribe and donate, you can choose to do this in the same page or in a different one. To do this, you can follow the same steps as above, using “Embedded Subscriptions HTML” instead. If you’d like to read how to do this step-by-step instead, here’s our guide!

Adjust it to your preferences

You can customise the text in this donation section to suit your overall page. This can be done by editing the body of code you pasted in your page (explained above). You can find the following in the pasted code (tip: write your desired text in between single quotation marks):

• data-donations-message-headline=’write text here
• data-donations-message-text=’write text here

You can also suggest some amounts for your readers to donate. You can edit the following to your preference (note: enclose your desired text in single quotation marks and separate each amount with a comma):

• data-donate-suggestions=’5,10,15

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