How to analyse reads, subscriptions and donations

This article will show you how to view and analyse readers who have bought from or contributed to your website.

As a publisher, you have access to a dashboard that displays the purchasing activity on your website. To access this in your WordPress admin panel, go to Feather > Dashboard on the left-hand side.

You will then need to login using your editor email that is registered with the Feather plugin. You can find this by going to Feather > Feather and looking under “Editor Email”.

Understanding the articles purchased (via pay-per-read)

If you have articles up for sale individually, you can view the revenue they brought in by clicking Revenue > Content. The articles that have been purchased are under the column “Content”, while the total revenue earned from each article is under “Totals”.

Revenue per contributor

Your website could also have multiple authors and contributors that post content, who may receive a certain share of the earnings made from individual articles purchased (pay-per-read). This percentage can be decided by heading to Feather > Feather > Editor Share.

To oversee the distribution of income among the contributors, head to Revenues > Contributors for an overview.

Viewing subscriptions purchased

If you have subscriptions enabled on your website, you can view the revenue from subscriptions purchased by clicking Revenue > Subscriptions. A table with a column named “Weeks” will appear, where the total revenue from subscriptions purchased each week will appear. The overall total revenue from subscriptions on your website can be found in the bottom-right cell under “Totals”.

Viewing donations received

If you have donations enabled on your website, you can view the revenue from donations received by clicking Revenue > Donations. In this table, the column “URI” displays the article under which the donation was sent. Your readers are able to identify themselves when they send through a donation. This will appear under the column “Email”; if they choose not to share their details the donation will appear as anonymous. Under the column “Weeks”, you will be able to find when the donation was received that year. To find the overall total revenue from donations on your website, you can find this number in the bottom-right cell under “Totals”.

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