How can I cash-out?

Once your website has started earning revenue, you can overview these numbers and cash-out!

To see how much revenue you’ve incurred in your WordPress admin, log-in to your dashboard by going to FeatherPay > Dashboard. This will display your “Total earnings”, which is the amount that you are able to cash-out!

By emailing us at, you can request to cash-out an amount you specify.

In this email, we will need the following information from you:

1. The FeatherPay account for which you want to cash-out from. This should be your email address registered with FeatherPay in your admin settings.

2. The amount you’d like to cash-out. However, it’s important to note that cashing-out amounts under €10 will charge a 10% processing fee. All amounts above €10 do not have any transaction costs!

3. If your website is a registered business with e.g. the Chamber of Commerce, we will require the according registration number. Otherwise, we can deposit the amount into a personal account, for which we will need a copy of the photo page of an identity document (i.e. passport, ID card or driver’s license).

4. The bank account to which we can transfer the amount to. Please note that this account should be under the same name as either the Chamber of Commerce registration or your identity document, according to your response in step 2.

5. Lastly, your phone number.

Once you’ve sent us this information, we will get back to you at the soonest regarding the status. Happy writing 😃

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