Receive more income in a faster & secure way

Automated payments in real-time for your content, wherever it is online

Create flexible business models

Support the articles you publish with item-level payment schemes. Micropayments, subscriptions and donations are at your disposal to sell articles and receive income in real-time.

Personal Identity Storage (PIS) for readers

Readers can easily buy & consume content with a quick recognisable wallet system, which stores their own data.

Access readership analytics

Maximise the return on time invested in creating content by investigating real-time & in-depth readership and consumption metrics.

Some of our Feather Users

For who?

Freelancers and Small Publishers

Receiving payments for journalism is hard as it is. With our solution ensure that your readers have to easiest way to purchase your articles and all stakeholders are paid. 

If you like to monetise your articles through donations, subscriptions or pay-per-view? 

Our product Feather is something for you!

Check Feather here or find our API here

Medium to Large Publishers

Our Feather backend facilitates flexible and smart schemas for your sites visitors. This in order to convert them into your loyal subscribers, to provide streamlined services to pay royalties or to manage an alternative consent option. 

Interested how our products can help you grow your business? 

Contact us today for a customised solution!

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Feather Case Study

Have a glance at how we implement this into a service and what challenges we solve.

How Donations, Subscriptions and Pay-per-View work

Brief overview of how donations, subscriptions and pay-per-view work in the Feather plugin

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