Digital media platforms are constantly looking for strategies to grow their content, where republishing content lies very valuable. A lot of publishers tend to republish each other’s free content on their own digital platforms, but also find the need to share content that is behind a paywall as well.


Inflicted by new EU copyright and data regulations, publishers have troubles tracking their content composed of multiple sources and different licensing terms. Hence, it makes it difficult to track and pay whoever has contributed to their content in what capacity.

Additionally, publishers aren’t completely aware of the demand their work can be re-usable for. This uncertainty is higher especially for content published behind a paywall.


Publishers are in search of a solution where they can both enlist their content for republishing and retrieve content that is available for republishing.

Katalysis designed a solution that enables digital publishers to republish content by storing the owner(s) and assigning their respective contribution to each part of the content. This is accessible on the content datastore hosted by us. By making content “smart”, publishers can identify content with tags, track the original owners of the content, and pay them accordingly in real-time.

Even if other publishers would like to only take an excerpt of the content, the system is capable of pricing each segment of it. Katalysis ensures that its owner will receive his or her remuneration accurately and easily.