Katalysis receives the backing and endorsement of a grant from the Interchain Foundation (ICF) to open up the world of specialised blockchain developments to a wider array of platforms, spanning from servers to mobiles, wearables devices and beyond.

Katalysis will work on an open source Swift Cosmos SDK enabling the creation of native Swift ABCI servers. We will develop libraries and a base SDK layer to develop ABCI applications backed by the Tendermint consensus. 

Swift’s roots are in the Apple ecosystem, where it is the de-facto programming language. It targets desktop, mobiles and wearables. Since the open sourcing and porting to Linux of the language in late 2015, it has expanded server side and on going ports to Android, Windows, Web Assembly and embedded systems are underway. On the software side, Swift for Tensorflow brings top tier Machine Learning capabilities at the fingertips of Swift developers.

Opening up the Cosmos SDK in Swift will give unprecedented capabilities to both the Cosmos and the Swift communities. It will enable the Cosmos community to bring blockchain nodes closer to the end users and the Swift community to write blockchain nodes on a variety of platforms using a versatile language allowing both client and server side development.

At Katalysis we build software to unlock the value of digital content. The ecosystem for digital content will benefit from being more transparent, making the marketplace more efficient and as a consequence creating new value driven business opportunities. Historically, we have been building our software on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). However, we have been constrained by the limitations of the EVM. Mostly in terms of expressiveness and processing capabilities of EVMs. Since, we have heavily invested in Server Side Swift, building a specialised stack directly on top of the Tendermint consensus engine.

We will be the first customer of this SDK, targeting initially Linux and eventually mobile platforms as well. It will enable us to write highly specialised blockchain nodes leading to a much more efficient, secure and transparent traffic between users, publishers and brands. 

Interested and want to get started in the world of Cosmos Swift? Over the coming weeks, we will regularly share our progress as well as code.

Follow us on twitter or drop us a tweet @katalysis_io, subscribe to our newsletter or send us a message cosmos.swift@katalysis.io. We are very excited to bring this project to life!

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