Track & Trace and more for digital content

Making ownership and real-time consumption of content transparent across the entire value chain - leveraging blockchain technology.

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The current online content value chain is broken. We are here to fix it.

Spreading content and knowledge requires a true online model, which embraces the advanced in duplication and distribution.

We help publishers and resellers solve problems around liability, rights management and (instant) payments.

  • Problem 1 Knowing who has contributed in what capacity in the online value chain is a herculean task.
  • Problem 2 Digital content is composed using multiple sources with different licensing terms.
  • Problem 3 Traditional licensing contracts are not able to accommodate for a dynamically changing consumption model.

Katalysis Core - Track & Trace digital content

Katalyis Core is a solution to assign ownership contributions and rules of distribution of value to digital goods. By combining this with identification upon consumption, we can send value or information back to each owner/contributor on a customisable set of rules.

We build on top of decentralised ledger technology to guarantee transparency, trustworthiness and traceability in the system.

We create an ecosystem that is:

  • Transparent
  • Traceable
  • Trustworthy

We are doing this for

We work with renowned publishers, such as Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Cambridge University Press, content aggregators and local writers in order to help them with tools to assign ownership and value to content.

Our solutions range from helping aggregate data across contributors in a value chain, enabling instant payments to be streamlined & automated, anonymising the sharing of transparent data among parties, permitting the republishing of content on external platforms, and more smart contract customisations.

The driving force

We are a team based in Amsterdam’s curated tech hub TQ, currently set out to democratise the value of online content. Katalysis was founded by Alex Tran Qui and Eveline Klumpers . Alex and Eveline bring together a broad set of disciplines and backgrounds: tech, finance and entrepreneurship.

Katalysis develops software based on smart contract blockchain technology aimed to help the publishing industry with the transition from off- to online. Katalysis’ product, Feather, is the first blockchain based implementation used in the publishing industry in the Netherlands.