On a mission to democratise the value of online content - leveraging blockchain

We believe in a shared, transparent and decentralised ecosystem where there is fair distribution of value to all content creators and publishers.

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The current online content value chain is broken. We are here to fix it.

The internet has changed duplication and distribution processes.

Yet, the online model is an attempt at replicating the offline model.

Spreading content and knowledge requires a true online model, which embraces the advanced in duplication and distribution.

  • Problem 1 Knowing who has contributed in what capacity in the online value chain is a herculean task.
  • Problem 2 Restrictions placed on accessing content prevents spreading and reuse. This restrains internet size growth.
  • Problem 3 Competing business interests prevent engagement and cooperation between parties online.

How do we solve this?

We are creating an ecosystem that benefits all contributors in the chain. For this we develop blockchain based software solutions.

Blockchain technology unlocks a far-reaching new form of engagement between parties which cannot seek such collaboration due to competing business interests.

We create an ecosystem that is:

  • Transparent
  • Decentralized
  • Trustworthy

We are doing this for

  • Online Publishing
  • Scientific Publishing

Quality content should be read, spread and… compensated! Meet Feather our easy to use and frictionless plugin. The plugin, used by dozens of website today, is a single solution supporting pay-per-read, subscriptions and donations!

We uniquely tag articles, the copyright owners and the percentage of the article’s revenue they are due. On the consumer side we provide a wallet that supports iDEAL, MasterCard and Visa Payments.

By linking the original creators and/or owners to the content we enable business propositions for content re-use which can benefit from the internet scaling effect.

Our plugin is WordPress based and we also developed an API. Get Feather in the WordPress store here if you would like to give it a try! Would you like to learn more, check out the Feather page. Upon request, we can offer an API and/or a white-label User Interface.

Katalysis blockchain technology is enabling solutions to tackle the challenges of scholarly communication.

At heart of scholarly communication is the peer review process. While there is lack of visibility and recognition for reviewers, these reviewers are more and more needed due to the increase of manuscripts submitted. Overall the whole process is perceived as time consuming and costly.

We are developing a blockchain based solution to make this process more transparent, trustworthy and robust. In this decentralised infrastructure we extract peer review data from journals and share this information in a transparent, yet in an anonymous way, with the community.

For our peer review implementation we collaborate together with Digital Science, Springer Nature, Taylor&Francis, Cambridge University Press and ORCID. Read more about our Proof of Concept here More information: https://www.blockchainpeerreview.org/

The driving force

We are a team based in Amsterdam’s curated tech hub TQ, currently set out to democratise the value of online content. Katalysis was founded by Alex Tran Qui and Eveline Klumpers . Alex and Eveline bring together a broad set of disciplines and backgrounds: tech, finance and entrepreneurship.

Katalysis develops software based on smart contract blockchain technology aimed to help the publishing industry with the transition from off- to online. Katalysis’ product, Katalysis DecPub (Katalysis Decentralized Publishing), is the first blockchain based implementation used in the publishing industry in the Netherlands.